Driven by health care practitioners, we have seen the benefits of our Mhevozyx-based product
to people who experience severe changes in the skin or who wish to protect it permanently.
Due to excessive macerations and friction, sportsmen are the first to experience these conditions episodically. The second to undergo these conditions permanently are amputees, especially when a prosthesis needs to be worn to regain some mobility, and this for a significant daily period.


AblaProtect, through installing an intraepidermal network, allows the skin to be protected and strengthened. It regulates maceration. In the prosthesis sleeve, the stump protected by AblaProtect® suffers less from excessive perspiration and regains a natural regeneration capacity due to protection. 
AblaProtect® is compatible with all sleeves. It reduces the effects of friction and possible allergies. Without an active ingredient in the sense of the pharmacopoeia, it can be applied for a long time without any disadvantages. AblaProtect is compatible with all sleeves.

THE mhévozyx

Mhévozyx® - the basis of the AblaProtect product - is a liquid crystal remarkable for its physical structure. Foam care, it protects the cells of the corneal layer of the skin by installing an intercellular network, forming a non-occlusive barrier. The effects of maceration are reduced by less water loss and surface retention of external agents (including sweating in contact with the skin). Foam care is a galenic that contributes to dermis regeneration.


• Strengthens the skin’s resistance to chemical, physical and biological aggressions
• Can be used throughout the body.


• Non-occlusive, non-film forming, non-oily.
• Resistant to repeated washings
• Duration of action, 3-7 hours depending on skin condition
• Does not prevent adhesion of dressings (wait a few moments for product penetration).
• There are no disadvantages to long-term use.

concerned skins

• Healthy to highly reactive infant, child and adult skin.
• Care on damaged or altered skin.


AblaProtect is gentle in its appearance, in its pharmaceutics and safety. It acts with time and in time, respecting the skin’s natural cycle.

• Protecting the skin of stumps inside prosthetic sleeves,
• Reduces the risks associated with friction
• Regulates perspiration, reduces the effects of maceration.
• Compatible with all types of sleeves.

complementary informations

• Classification : medical class 1
• Code ACL : 6008364
• Code EAN : 3401060083649

These Class 1 medical devices are regulated health products that bear, under this regulation, the CE marking. Read the instructions on the label carefully. Observe the precautions for use. If in doubt, consult your specialist doctor.

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