It is in immobilization situations that people may experience skin changes that are not necessarily due to pathologies. The immobility itself causes these skin changes for physical reasons of pressure, shear and/or friction. The first tests were carried out by dermatologists on the edges of bedsores in order to protect the skin around the lesion. The following tests have been applied to situations of bedsore prevention. In both types of situation EscarProtect has shown good results.

application IN prEvention

EscarProtect® installs an intra epidermal network thanks to the liquid crystal formed by Mhévozyx®. This network is a real double membrane around the cells delaying or preventing shearing, the effects of which contribute to the formation of bedsores. On damaged skin, EscarProtect® quickly starts the process of rebuilding healthy skin.


EscarProtect® is used around the wound in order to protect the peri-lesioned skin from the aggressions that it can undergo. The intraepidermal network acts as a barrier against the aggressors. It allows the skin to regain a new vigour conducive to a faster colonization of the wound. EscarProtect® is indicated on injured skin (xerosis, pruritus, etc.).

THE mhevozyx

Mhévozyx®, the basis of the product EscarProtect, is a liquid crystal whose physical conformation gives EscarProtect the protection properties of cells by installing a very tight intraepidermal network, forming a non-film forming barrier. Without a chemical active ingredient in the pharmacopoeia sense, this foam care meets very strict toxicity tests. Non fatty, Mhévozyx® is naturally eliminated by metabolism although not leachable. It allows an application on injured skin. The dermatological foam operates with gentleness.


Constitutes a non-occlusive, non-film forming, non-oily, intraepidermal network. Resists repeated washing. Duration of action: 3 to 7 hours depending on the condition of the skin. Does not prevent the adhesion of dressings. Long-term use is not disadvantageous.


3 to 4 applications per day on clean and dry skin. Suitable for children under 30 months.

Shake well before use. Position the spray with the head tilted down to extract a nut of foam.

For a better expression of the foam, keep the product at a temperature of about 20 °C.

Contains 80 doses (of the size of a walnut), and which covers 4% of an adult's body (1% corresponds to the surface of a palm of the hand).

complementary informations

• Classification : medical class 1
• Code ACL : 6008365
• Code EAN : 3401060083656

These Class 1 medical devices are regulated health products that bear, under this regulation, the CE marking. Read the instructions on the label carefully. Observe the precautions for use. If in doubt, consult your specialist doctor.

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